[MP3] ALPINES seem poised for SURVIVAL

i need to make it to the fortress, the only place on earth that i feel safe

♫ Alpines – Survival

Thump, thump, twang, twang, wail, wail. Alpines creep decisively out of my speakers as their haunting ‘night-pop’ bounces between my ears. With less than 1,000 listens on Last.fm this South London duo have only begun pricking ears but I sense that more is just around the corner. I am really digging the clear guitars doing their thing under the huge vocals. More Alpines can be heard in the form of the Night Drive EP which you can stream here. “Ice & Arrows” (video below) is especially tingly and nice. Spooky, groovy, and with more than a bit of that certain something, I’m curious how these two develop. 

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