[MP3] Evian Christ – “Thrown Like Jacks”

get you thrown like some jacks

♫ Evian Christ – Thrown Like Jacks

  • Who: Some guy possibly named Evian Christ
  • What: Trip-step, kinda like The xx, James Blake
  • Where: Somewhere in The UK + YouTube
  • When: Just 8 YouTube videos for now
  • Why: Music this minimal is rarely this interesting. Christ takes the Jamie XX approach of letting the negative space do the talking, resulting in a sound that grabs your ear despite not really being there. Apparently “Thrown Like Jacks” uses a sample from some Tyga song I don’t know called “Snapbacks Back.” There are 7 more Christ gems at his YouTube that probably also use samples I don’t know but that is quite OK. Some are better than others but there are enough of them to dig through to keep me busy until more info surfaces on this guy.
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