[MP3] Hooded Fang – “ESP” & “Den of Love”

cause i got a woman that i need to get next to or i will surely die

♫ Hooded Fang – ESP

Awesome band name? Check. Awesome album art? check. Awesome California throwback surf vibe? Check. Awesome hometown of Toronto? Ch.. what? Something must be in the water up in the T-Dot cause this is the second batch of surf inspired tunes this year to come from that part of The Great White North (see Art Imperial). “ESP” is all jittery cola beverage at the malt shop by the promenade while “Den of Love” takes things back to moms basement after the drive in for a little fumble and tumble on the shag rug. It’s like a perfect summer day and night rolled into two songs.

♫ Hooded Fang – Den of Love

Fun facts about Hooded Fang are that they recently toured with TBE favorites Rural Alberta Advantage and that their LP named Album from 9 months ago was been long-listed for a Polaris Prize. Why haven’t I heard these guys before? It’s just wrong. Their new album Tosta Mista is out July 26th. Summer ‘aint over yet!

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