[MP3] I Am Bart(ek) – “Happiness”

♫ I Am Bart(ek) – Happiness

  • Who: Bartek, I guess.
  • What: Instrumental dream magic, like The xx, Oliver Tank,
  • Where: Unknown, although I’m guessing Poland + Facebook
  • When: Just this one song so far.
  • Why: I don’t think I would have chosen the title “Happiness” but that’s kinda the beauty of this delicate guitar track. Without a backstory, without lyrics, without much more than a guitar, I Am Bart(ek) manages to tap into something very visceral and raw. This song drips with emotion. Which emotion, exactly, may differ for you, but it’s sure to stir something. Take pause and soak it in for a moment. Let your vacant mind lead you somewhere.
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