[MP3] Kingsfoil – “Grapevine Valentine”

i must say that the secret to love is secrets plus trust

♫ Kingsfoil – Grapevine Valentine

  • Who: Frankie Muniz + Jordan, Tristan, Tim
  • What: Piano indie rock, like Y Luv, The Zolas, Bootstraps
  • Where: York, PA + Facebook
  • When: Buy A Beating Heart Is A Bleeding Heart now.
  • Why: There is nothing worse then an actor trying to do the musician things and soiling our ears with his band’s unlistenable noise. Turns out that Malcom In The Middle’s Frankie Muniz not only forgoes vocals for drums but his band is also super solid. They have also been at it for a while as A Beating Heart Is A Bleeding Heart is their 2nd full LP. Lead single “Grapevine Valentine” is about as deliciously infectious as it gets so if the rest of their tracks are half this good then Music may have just scored a big point.