[MP3] KRAAK & SMAAK are trying to SQUEEZE every drop of sweat out of ME with their DYNAMITE tune

and if it all goes right, looking down from a birds eye view, i’ll see my life made good from the time that i spent with you

♫ Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me (ft Ben Westbeech)

Some of you might know this song from 2008 but I just found it recently and I’m stoked. So this video about freestyle dancing to Girl Talk led to to this cool story about it’s genesis and thus to this early video by one of it’s dancers. All awesome dancing aside, I was obviously grabbed by the music as well. The Netherlands’ Kraak & Smaak struck on something special with the vocals of Ben Westbeech and by deftly chopping them over their stutter0funk production we’ve got a track that I really wish I’d had around these past 2.5 years! Better late than never!

Kraak & Smaak have some new stuff out, including “Dynamite” and it’s fun stop-motion vinyl-craft video below! 

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