[MP3] LYKKE LI wants to GET us SOME action

don’t make demands, i don’t take none, just say a prayer that it goin’ get done

♫ Lykke Li – Get Some

Lykke Li is back and cutting to the point with her signature steamy swagger. The primal “Get Some” is basically big drums and innuendo-free vocals with a few breaks for some heavy “oooh ooohhh”s. Yeah, definitely put this one on the next mix-tape for someone you are trying to woo. In fact, get started on that with the cool interactive lyrics widget at her website where you can send individual lyrics to friends/twitter/facebook. There you can also get ahold of the single’s B-side “Paris Blue,” the mellower afterglow to “Get Some”‘s sweaty romp. This Swede is always full of surprises and I’m curious what gems she’ll have on her next album. For now this a pretty sweet 1-2 punch of Lykke goodness.

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