♫ ROGÉ – Got Me By The Beat

The West African born Kacou Rogé Charles Assouan, better known by his stage name Rogé, was recently introduced to me by his friend and my cousin Brady.  While I trust Brady’s musical taste, their friendship admittedly caused me to approach the situation with skepticism.  The idiom “if I had a nickle” fits perfectly, but I was certainly intrigued and had to listen.  Long story short, my new curiosity of Rogé didn’t kill the cat, it made it funking BOOGIE.  The synth laden beats of “Got Me By The Beat” should be burning holes in dance floors across the nation.   How does this guy have only have 69 fans on Facebook???  His EP titled The Party Dont Stop shows off his potential and is available for streaming on his soundcloud.  Im also especially digging his other track ‘Together”.  Its been about a year since his last release, so hopefully we’ll  get to hear a full length album in the near future.  Until then listen, dance, and keep it Nurdy.


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