[EP] STEPDAD stole MY LEATHER jacket and then bought MY mom a FUR coat and now MY mom NAILS him

she’s got style, she rips it off my back and puts it on a coat hook

♫ Stepdad – My Leather, My Fur, My Nails

Sure they are boning your mom but Stepdad is possibly the coolest thing to come out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are making fans all over the world with their weirdo blend of synths, beats, and oscillating vocal pitches. Weather you get into their lyrics or their videos it’s immediately clear that these dudes came to have fun. The Ordinaire EP is out now and at 8 tracks will do just fine tying me over until the release of their in-progress debut LP next year. Listen to and grab the whole thing at their bandcamp for $1! Worth it for 2nd standout track “Squares.”

Bury your face in their website /// Amazon too

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