[EP] TIGERSAPIEN may NOT necessarily agree that being DEAD means you can’t dance

you are the sliver of light, in my eyes it keeps me up at night

♫ Tigersapien – Not Dead

Tigersapien ripped through our speakers near 2 years ago with their matching tiger masks and back-room electro-dance. Having finally emerged for more sexed-up body moving they released the Clean Lines EP a couple weeks ago. “Not Dead” kicks off the sordid affair with a thundering beat that is sure to loosen the bowels of the ill-prepared. The whole thing comes off as the perfect soundtrack to an epic battle scene between a pack of meth addicted chainsaw ninjas and a gang of blood starved zombie bikers. I’m seeing peel outs, whirring chainsaws, dudes jumping out of trees, and a lot of airborne limbs. At least the last man standing will have the perfect line to sing.

The EP continues with more grinding electro madness for losing yourself in (or to) the darkness. “Fools” makes a point of not suffering any as it shreds and pounds it’s way through any resistance. “Touch. Move. Feel.” tames the beast for a minute, taking things back to the stripper pole for a set of extreme tassle wielding and hair flipping. All in all, “Clean Lines” is a raw and sexy affair, full of enough beats and grind to get you through the weekend release. Just remember to breathe.

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