[MP3] YOUNG THE GIANT’s debut is one I GOT to get when it comes out

in the night where i live, there’s a strange force in your kiss

♫ Young The Giant – I Got

The only complaint I can muster up for this track is that it’s too good. That jangly hook is too perfect, those vocals too smooth, and the sunkissed soul feeling too real. So basically I’m all over it. Young The Giant only have one other song (“I Got”) on their MySpace but you should definitely check it out (and even track down if you are savy) to tie you over until their forthcoming debut. So far they are on point like woah. They are also on tour with The Futureheads so that is pretty damn nice.

Bury your face in MySpace

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Young the Giant used to be known as The Jakes, and their early songs were even better, with a much richer sound, especially Cough Syrup and Garands at Normandie. Check it out.

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