[MP3/VIDEO] BIGkids – “Drum In Your Chest” & “Superhero”

sometimes you’re crawling on the ceiling, sometimes you’re flying on the ground

♫ BIGkids – Drum In Your Chest

  • Who: Sometime Kanye associate Mr. Hudson & Rosie Oddie.
  • What: Shameless dance pop, like a The Ting Tings, Dragonette, Kitten Berry Crunch.
  • Where: London, UK + Facebook
  • When: These two singles so far.
  • Why: Mr. Hudson’s previous solo efforts never quite got me paying attention but with his new duo he is firing on all cylinders. Much like the raging kids in the video for “Superhero” (and the kid in that album art) these guys are partying how they want and don’t give a french fry what you think. “Drum In Your Chest” is a vacuum packed dance party just waiting to be unwrapped (see video for proof). All kinds of tropical rhythms battle it out under breathless vocals that pump the beat harder. And the video for “Superhero” is just awesome. In a messed up kind of way.

The sometime Kanye associate Mr. Hudson never quite sold me on his solo stuff but now that he is part of the dynamic dup of BIGkids I am certainly listening.

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