Music Video Roundup – 04.11.2013 [Joel Compass, AlunaGeorge, Toro Y Moi, The Last Royals, Them Jeans]

Music-Video-RoundupIf you haven’t got through yesterday’s videos yet then get on it! This eyeball adventure doesn’t stop. We got some great storys this round. From noir suspense thrillers to fairy-tale inspired urban grit these all take us somewhere specific. And there are tacos.

Joel Compass – “Back To Me”

Wow. Stunning.

AlunaGeorge – “Attracting Flies”

Took me a second to realize what I was watching. So then I just watched it again. And Again.

Toro Y Moi – “Never Matter”

Yes! Real people doing real dance moves! Love it.

The Last Royals – “Crystal Vases”

We’ve all been there, right ladies!?

Them Jeans “Vowel Play”

This video drops in on so many local westside LA spots that it would be awesome even if it weren’t so awesome.

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  1. […] The Last Royals have been kicking around my iTunes and inbox for a few years now but it wasn’t until I caught them live that I was struck with the severe error of my TLR-ignoring ways. These guys do not fuck around. Sure, I take issue with “I Hate California” but the slow jam is a good way to ease into their vibe. It gets funkier on “Crystal Vases” and gets even more rowdy when they tear up a stage. Catch the “sexy” video for “Crystal Vases” below if you missed it earlier. […]

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