[MP3] TORO Y MOI makes it hard to stay STILL with his new SOUND

saying it could be too much

♫ Toro y Moi – Still Sound

Because what better way to start the new year then with rubbery bass-lines and a sunny groove that is sure to put a little swagger in the step of even the most winter-hardened grump.

I never got into Toro y Moi’s 2010 much hyped-debut but “Still Sound” points towards a brighter 2011 for Chaz Bundick. Stereogum nailed it on the head when they said:

“Still Sound” is much meatier than “Blessa” or any of Causers Of This, so take a listen even if you found his other stuff too gauzy for your taste.

Amen. And I love that album art. Weird in just the perfect way and that pulp-or-flower double take gets me every time.

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