[QUICKIE] The 2 Bears – BE STRONG (w/ album stream)

come on party with the bears tonight, we’ve got the funk of 40 thousand years for your delight

It’s no Hot Chip goofball party vibes or solo Goddard deep grooves but this sideX2 project is bouncy house fun. Im loving “Ghosts & Zombies”

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    Bought this a while back after hearing the songs posted here and I love it. I think it sounds superficial at first, but the more I listened the more I caught the double-entendre and playfulness of the lyrics. Nothing profound, but it does feels smart as both a homage to classic house music and what kind of cheeky fun you can have with it today in terms of commenting on house and dance culture. It’s a great album for spring/summer.

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