[REMIX/MP3] Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You (Erol Sabadosh Remix)” & “PDA”

remember at the beach we brought the sheets, we were harassed by police, good thing we didn’t go too deep

♫ Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Just because Frank Ocean’s Coachella set was underwhelming and easily forgettable doesn’t mean I don’t still love the guy. What better way to celebrate Odd Future’s resident smooth operator then a spiced up remix of “Thinking About You” (snap ya fingers!) and a reference track he laid down for The Backstreet Boys’ “PDA” (grab a booty!) back when he was operating under the pseudonym Lonny Breaux (real last name, fake first name).

♫ Frank Ocean – PDA

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  1. jay
    jay says:

    Underwhelming? Which weekend did you see him? First weekend was great, I thought he delivered and so did everyone else in the crowd.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    I saw him first. Just didn’t feel like he brought heat or anything unique to the live experience. Too stoned perhaps? I could have just cranked the album loud at home. But maybe I’m just a jaded curmudgeon. I wouldn’t argue that. (But I did hear other people who felt the same as me)

  3. jay
    jay says:

     I would agree with you on that, he really didn’t bring much else than his smooth voice and to my amazement he sounded exactly the same. That’s would really stood out for me and what carried the show since I was such a fan of his mixtape. On the other hand, the other R&B type act of Coachella, the Weeknd, really disappointed. Didn’t bring anything new, the sound was off, and his voice was too. I would have much rather played his album loud at home and forget that performance. But, c’est la vie at Coachella. Everyone has their favorites for their own reasons.

    Great Blog btw, I have been following for over a year now keep it up!

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Hmm, interesting. I am way more into Frank Ocean than The Weeknd but I also think Coachella wasn’t doing it for me. I also heard The Weeknd’s Coachella sets were stale so I think he upped his game big time. Catch him again if you can.

    Thanks Jay! Keep rocking!

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