Rude – “Disco (demo)” + #001: WINTER EP

Music for… spiking your Monday with a banjo riding hand-clapper about eggs, girls, and living room dancing. My kind of song! Rude kindly followed up this demo jam with debut EP that dropped today. Its a wonderful selection of sounds that branch out nicely from “Disco”, showcasing the talent at work here.  “Heartbreaker” is a drum n’ bass leaning falsetto love song while “Sapphire” and “Icecold” reign things in for a tenderer approach. By the end it all makes sense why this EP is called Winter and why “Disco” isn’t on it. We can now all look forward to future seasons together!

Location: Birmingham, UK

Future: More EPs, including a final version of “Disco”. 2015 will be a good year.