Slow Club know that It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful, but it certainly helps when it is


if you came back as the deep sea i would come back as the salt

Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

The first time I heard Slow Club I listened. The second time, I heard. Then, seeing them all up in the blogosphere, I payed attention. Boy am I glad I did, their sound grows on me more and more with each listen. I have been digging “It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful” for the past week or two and have been meaning to post it but this vacation of mine has been slowing my roll. When I saw it on Silence-Killer yesterday I knew it was time, dammit (Thanks to Neil for the kick in the ass). Their new LP Yeah So comes out July 7th. In the meantime I picked up their Let’s Fall Back In Love EP which is a bit more subdued than what I have heard from Yeah So but is no less charming and awesome. I’m looking forward to more from this Sheffield, England duo.

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