[STREAM] EDELWEISS buying the drinks? Unfortunately (NO). Providing the jams? Yes!

these kids up in the clouds, always raining down on me

Edelwiess – (No)

Sneaking another Sunday stream in here…

So I just learned about Edelweiss. Twice. Apparently it’s a European flower prominently featured in The Sound Of Music. Luckily, Edelweiss is also a band, specifically the one behind this whirling dervish of dance-pop. Ranging from 14 to 17 years old, these guys were recently let out of the house long enough to record the “(No)” maxi-single with producer Jeremy Sklarsky (Freelance Whales’ debut). Thank goodness for liberal curfews because this is just the kind of jam to warm the blood on these brisk winter days. Crank the volume and get angular! Pick up “(No)” and the nicely complimentary b-side “Fiasco” for 2 bucks at their Bandcamp for more portable warmth.

No MySpace yet. Crazy, right? /// Amazon? Prob not.

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