Test Card – “Be Home In Time For Tea” // Art: Jakub Rebelka

Test Card is a music project with a focus on haunting, melodic and landscape-heavy music. The act’s new track, “Be Home In Time For Tea” is an intriguing combination of experimental electronic music and cinematic post-rock guitar tones. There is a stunning contrast between the clean, glassy guitar melodies and the fuzzy chords, which add some grit to the mix. The drum machine tones are bright and warm, not really focusing on adding tons of low end to the mix, but rather driving the carpet of sounds gently with cool percussion, tambourine, and high-hat samples. The lead guitar takes the main place under the spotlight, but it’s never an exercise in futile virtuoso licks, but rather a meticulously organized composition, which reminds me of artists as diverse as Robert Fripp or David Gilmour, only to mention a few. The expressive lead guitar tones, often drenched in tasteful reverb that increases the tail of the stunning bends, dance along with the synths and create a very emotional texture.

From the album Rediffusion. Get physical copies and digital downloads here.

Test Card - Be Home In Time For Tea