YellowStraps – “Idle Talk” // Art: Kissi Ussuki

“Idle Talk” is a new single from YellowStraps. The song combines the edge of neo-soul with the lightness of pop, going for a modern and forward-thinking approach to production. The first thing you may notice is definitely the powerful rhythmic backdrop of the track. The drum machine sounds have a classic feel, and the arrangement is “loose” in the best possible way. This isn’t your classic “on grid” electronic beat, meaning that it has a bit more swing to it, humanizing the groove and fitting perfectly with the low-key melodies. The tasteful keyboard tones are gentle and lush, leaving enough room for the vocals to dominate over the arrangement. The best thing about this song is its inner simplicity. The arrangement is never overcrowded, but it is still rich and full. 

Idle Talk