THE COURTNEENERS are a CROSS between the beat in MY HEART AND the rhythm in my head. I just HOPE they aren’t TOo FLY for you.

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♫ The Courteeners – Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly

The Courteeners broke into my iTunes with “Not Nineteen Forever”, an upbeat bloke-rock jam that I can imagine was big in the UK but never crossed over stateside because America prefers their shit as downer and lo-fi as possible. Tough times. The Courteeners debut, St. Jude, is a pretty solid collection of these pop-gems so step away from that glo-fi record and get yourself something rock out to. Or better yet, get their new track, “Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly.” From the opening ‘Oooh oo-oooh oooh’ it’s clear that these guys are a bit older and a more than ready to get serious. That piano and violin adds a new weight to their music that makes me pretty damn stoked for February’s Falcon.

♫ The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

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