THE RANSOM DANCE have a SPEECH about what an IMPEDIMENT to fun it is not to rock out to this

my tongue is wrestling with my head, maybe if i shut up i’ll make the world a better place

♫ The Ransom Dance – Speech Impediment

Sydney, Australia is the home of The Ransom dance and lately my iTunes has been the home of their EP Ghostalgia. It’s no frills alternative rock that gets to the point in the best possible way. “Sucks To Be You” is the kind of rock jam that you can sing along with by the end of the second verse and would fit in perfectly on a 90s drinking songs mixtape. Ghostalgia is out now and all 4 tracks are solid business. If you ever loved 90s alternative rock radio then this will be a treat. Oh damnit, I’ve been letting the EP play as I write this and now I think I like “Speech Impediment” better. OK, time to swap MP3s. It’s just one of those tight litte EPs that make picking a favorite difficult.

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