THEO and WAKEY! WAKEY! could make TWENTY versions of this jam the TWO of them have rocked so well

you said it was over but it started again, you said it was easy but you still never win

♫ Theo – Twenty Two (ft. Wakey! Wakey!)

I normally make a point to save any remixes (or mixtape versions) for the roundups but in this case it was the remix that I fell in love with and eventually turned me onto the original so I am gonna throw both in together. Michael Grubbs performs as Wakey! Wakey! and his big jam is Twenty-Two. Theo Martins is an an up and coming rapper from Rhode Island who included his take on the original in a recent mixtape. The fact that both versions are so excellent is a testament to the greatness of that hook. And the whistling! I love good whistling. Take each version and play them according to our preference or mood. Theo has some free mixtapes out if you want more of his flavor.

♫ Wakey!Wakey! – Twenty-Two (Original Version)

Bury your face in Theo’s MySpace

Wakey! Wakey!’s MySpace /// eMusic

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  1. Mahdroo
    Mahdroo says:

    I really love whistling. I love the Burning Ear. I think I have found other whistling songs on here in the past? Yes? Maybe. I bet. Brandon, you do a good job. I am grateful.

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