Third Eye Blind’s new stuff is pretty solid, Don’t Believe A Word otherwise


i can’t find myself, i can’t change the station

♫ Third Eye Blind – Don’t Believe A Word

As I have been sitting here, on this uncomfortable futon couch, making website tweaks for the past few hours, I have let Third Eye Blind’s discography keep my company. This has reminded me of 2 things: 1) Troubleshooting website problems is the word kind of hell, and 2) Third Eye blind is a damn solid band. For those who agree with the latter then you can be stoked that their new album, Ursa Major, is no different. Lead single “Don’t Believe A Word” kicks down the door with plucky guitars and popping drums that propel Stephen Jenkins vocals in signature Third Eye Blind style. The band hasn’t broke their own mold, flipped the script, or done anything that drastic on the album, instead opting for a collection of 12 solid rock songs. Naturally there are a few slower jams in the mix, but they too are solid.

♫ Third Eye Blind – Water Landing

“Water Landing” starts out in that vein but evolves into something much fuller. After a minute of acoustic strumming we get the band full-on, and are even treated to some of Stephen Jenkins good ol’ beat rapping, or whatever you call it. I don’t know how he pulls it off without making me want to punch him, but he does. In the end, the album does not disappoint. It took a few listen to fully grab me but I think that is natural for anyone listening to a new album by one of their favorite bands. And after 6 years of waiting, who knew what we were getting?

BONUS ♫: Third Eye Blind – Non Dairy Creamer

Speaking of waiting 6 years, I guess the band released a small EP last year, Red Star EP. I think it was pretty much an excuse to get the fantastic “Non Dairy Creamer” out there. I totally missed the boat on it and, having just got a copy, am loving this track.

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