Vilde – “Flash In The Pan” // Art: Ryan Hewett

Vilde has become a favorite of ours – his personal and distinctive blend of electro/pop and indie has a modern and punchy approach. The sound of his track, “Flash In The Pan” is highly energetic, yet it does not skimp when it comes to melodies and appealing hooks. The track has a host of cool synth tones, ranging from modern and punchy, to warm and fuzzy, blending in with the vocals perfectly. The vocal tone makes me think of artists as diverse as Alt J or Radiohead, making for a very ethereal feel.

The first thing you’ll notice is certainly the high quality of this production, in terms of sonic aesthetics. The instrumental mix is balanced and direct, with a really deep low end and a crunchy mid-range that adds a lot of excitement to the track. In addition to that, the treble range is smooth and bright, adding a lot of silky edge to the mix, and allowing the vocals to really pop to the forefront of the sound.

Flash In The Pan