Shakey Graves – “Mansion Door” // Art: Jack Sachs

Shakey Graves has made quite a name for himself within the alternative music scene, particularly due to his distinctive combination of folk, indie rock and avant-garde pop music with a unique feel. The project’s recent track “Mansion Door” displays a richer sound with a dreamy production. While some of the artist’s earlier work was noticeable for its minimalistic approach, this song goes bigger, with tones of vocal harmonies and double-tracked parts, big drums and catchy guitar riffs that remind me of the Pixies or other 90s alt rock jewels.

It’s really nice to see that Shakey Graves managed to constantly innovate the sound of this project, while retaining a nice sense of immediacy, which really adds to the heartfelt feel of his music and vision. If you enjoy the work of artists such as The Lumineers, Fleet Foxes or My Morning Jacket, you’ll dig this one.

Shakey Graves - Mansion Door