WAIT. THINK. FAST. both LOOK and sound very ALIVE

could it be that we’ve been this way too long?

♫ Wait.Think. Fast. – Look Alive

Los Angeles kicks out another gem and this time it’s from the dynamic and beautiful Wait. Think. Fast. Besides making appealing music, the band features a husband-wife combo which I always find endearing. With 2 albums under their belt “Look Alive” is the first taste of their next collection. 2008’s Vuelve Al Mar, which frequently sees singer/wife Jacqueline Santillan’s singing in Spanish, has a much darker and mellower energy. It’s good stuff but less my vibe than the more life-affirming and head-held-high “Look Alive.” I’m definitely excited to see what the future holds for this group of clearly talented musicians.

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  1. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Haha, yeah. I take that to mean you arent feeling that Soundmen track? I can understand that, but you know I like throwing up some dumb n fun party music on the weekends!

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