Werwe – “Different Tune” // Art: Suzanne Sarnoff

Werwe is a really interesting music project, because its creative vision involves blending different genres and influences that aren’t normally seen together under one roof. Their single “Different Tune” feels like a combination of 90s alternative rock and early 2000s, electro/pop. Think Beck jamming with the Pixies! This particular track is loaded with vocal melodies and nostalgic lyrics, and the acoustic guitar rhythm tracks add a sense of organic warmth to the mix. The keyboards lurk in the background, acting as a melodic filler rather than taking the lead in the song. At its core, this is a refreshingly and genuinely simple song, which highlights honest songwriting and straightforward melodies that simply never get old. One of the most intriguing aspects of this release is that it combines tried-and-true songwriting appointments with a modern-sounding production value. When listening to this track, it really gives you that feeling of somebody picking up a guitar and writing the backbone of the track in the most genuine way, before adding new details later during production. Today, a lot of new music seems to be a lot about getting something to sound good in the studio, and then working backward to create a song. This track, on the other end, gives me a different impression, and its heartfelt lyrics are a good indication of the artist’s personal connection with the song!

Different Tune (Single)