Slenderbodies – “Amnesia” // Art: Xiaopeng Yuan

If you enjoy music that’s hard to categorize, defying the rules and breaking the usual barriers between different genres, you will certainly enjoy the sound of Slenderbodies. Their track, “Amnesia” combines the soothing and otherworldly atmospheres of artists such as Active Child or earlier Minus The Bear, while exploring the innovative production aesthetics often associated with acts such as Son Lux or M83.

“Amnesia” immediately strikes for its fascinating and well-conceived guitar textures, drenched in delay effects, as well as tasteful reverb. The drums are rather minimalistic, yet powerful and room, adding a lot of depth to the mix. This song is rich in terms of dynamics, particularly due to its mellow bridge, which brings the volume down and leaves more room to breathe, before diving deeper into the groove again. This song is the perfect combination of catchy and experimental, and the band’s 2016 full-length album, “Sotto Voce”, which features this track, is a truly innovative collection of tracks with a great production value.

Plus, there is this fantastic otherworldly cover of “Electric Feel”.