WIN! Signed Telecaster Guitar from TIRED PONY! What’s Your Dream SUPERGROUP?




If Tired Pony doesn’t ring a bell then perhaps Snow Patrol, REM, and Belle & Sebastian do? Yes? I thought so! Well, Tired Pony is the new supergroup from Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck, and Richard Coburn (respectively) as well as acclaimed producer Jacknife Lee. Their debut album The Place We Ran From is out now and features guest vocals from M. Ward as well as his cohort Zooey Deshcanel. See the video for that track here!

The real reason you are here is to win a guitar! Yes, Tired Pony and MOG Music Network have teamed up to offer 1 winner a signed Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Deluxe! How sweet is that axe? All you have to do is leave a comment (with valid email!) with your fantasy supergroup line-up! Is it Lars Ulrich on drums, Mark Hoppus on bass, Carlos Santana on guitar, and Katy Perry on xylaphone? Or maybe it’s a supergroup that wold actually make sense! Give us your line-up and tell us why your supergroup is the best! Be smart and be creative because I’ll be picking the best entry from The Burning Ear who will then go up against the best from 3 other sites. Tired Pony and MOG will then pick the winner from those 4 finalists. It’s not just about a guitar, it’s about TBE pride! Let’s represent team TBE and kick some ass here! Entries on TBE will be accepted until Tuesday 11/9 at midnight PST. The grand prize winner will be announced Friday 11/12!

Go forth and rock! I can’t wait to read the entries!

UPDATE: Maybe I wasn’t 100% clear but I will be picking the entry from TBE to go on to the finals. So I’ll tell you right now that just naming your supergroup’s lineup and saying one sentence of why is not going to cut it. THIS IS A BIG competition, act accordingly! As far as I’m concerned this is not just a test of musical nerdiness, but also of writing ability, creativity, humor, and overall like-ability. I wan’t one of you guys to win so I will be selecting our finalist based not only on my personal opinion of their entry, but on whether I think it has a shot at the title! Just so you know, our competition is here and here.

Anyone who has already entered should feel free to add to their entry by just replying to it below. Let’s do this, people!


You all are a stubborn bunch (or you just don’t read)! After reading through the entries that bothered to include the ‘WHY’ with their ‘who’ I have chosen 3 finalists to move on and be judged by MOG and Tired Pony. These are people who put together interesting and thoughtful combinations of people as well as explaining their choices convincingly. Congratulations and good luck to SROPER, Michael, and  Flego_420! I hope one of you win and brings the glory home to The Burning Ear! The winner will be announced on Friday!


The winner has been announced. Congratulations to Spencer who submitted his excellent entry over at Live4Ever. Check it out here. We gotta step up our game next time, TBE!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Here is my ultimate supergroup lineup:
    Lead Guitar- Neil Young
    Rhythm Guitar-Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
    Bass – Tom Peterssen (Cheap Trick)
    Drums- Neil Peart (Rush)
    Vocals- Emily Haines ( Metric)

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Oops sorry for the double post forgot to say why my group is the best: because the best supergroups don’t just lump together stars that play together they mix it up by throwing you for a loop like the Tinted Windows with Tayler Hansen, James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, and Bun E. Carlos. AT first glance you’re like whaaaat, then you listen and it works.

    Here is my ultimate supergroup lineup:
    Lead Guitar- Neil Young
    Rhythm Guitar-Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
    Bass – Tom Peterssen (Cheap Trick)
    Drums- Neil Peart (Rush)
    Vocals- Emily Haines ( Metric)

  3. ForFun!
    ForFun! says:

    Vocals: Elvis
    Lead: Prince
    Rhythm: Cash
    Bass: Cliff Burton (Metallica)
    Drums: Mick Fleetwood
    Keys: Rick Wakeman (Yes)

  4. Dead or Alive?
    Dead or Alive? says:

    Vocals: Freddy Mercury
    Lead: Eric Clapton
    Rhythm: Elvis Presley
    Bass: Paul McCartney
    Drums: Phil Collins
    Keys: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    I think these musicians would actually work really well together and would without a doubt, create something amazing since they share common ground.
    Lead Guitar- Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)
    Rhythm Guitar- Daniel Kessler(Interpol)
    Bass – Sting
    Drums- Phil Collins
    Vocals- Kele (Bloc Party)

  6. lily
    lily says:

    Thought this would be an interesting line-up:

    Lead Guitar: Brian May (Queen):
    such a distinctiv sound, he can rock a place like no other but has a lot of sensivity.

    Rythm Guitar/backing vocals: Jeff Buckley
    Great guitarist and his voice is just inimitable. Could be nice mix with the lead singer here (aka Florence Welsh).

    Bass: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Again, such a unique player. Could bring a real dynamic to the group and the man can play a lot of other instruments!

    Drums: Dawn Zhu (ex-El Presidente)
    Drummer of a band that don’t exist anymore but the girl is rocking out and have a real charisma!

    Keys: Chris Martin (Coldplay)
    Not the best key player but his personnality could bring something intersting to the group!

    Vocals: Florence Welsh (Florence+The Machine)
    Her voice and her twisted universe could be a real asset to this superband. Associated with Jeff on vocals, this could be a dream team!

  7. Flego_420
    Flego_420 says:

    Lead Guitar – Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse
    Rhythm Guitar – Aston Barrett from Bob Marley and the Wailers
    Bass – Arif Mirabdolbaghi from Protest the Hero
    Drums – Logan Kroeber from the Dodos
    Keyboards/ Synth. – David Portner, Noah Lennox, and Brian Weitz from Animal Collective
    Vocals – Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction

    I did not pick this line up because these are the best musicians in each of the categories. I picked them because they all come from diverse musical backgrounds that compliment each other in some way (well, in my opinion anyways). Imagine the sounds these guys could make – the catchy riffs of Isaac Brooks overlayed on top of the reggae rhythms of Aston Barrett; the complex bass lines from Arif matched to the SICK drum technique of Logan Kroeber; and the hypnotizing synth beats of Animal Collective; and all the while, you have fucking Perry Farrell singing in only a way that Perry can do it.

  8. Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams says:

    What about the girls?? Haha.
    Alicia keys- on piano , synth and backing vocals. Also would cover the eye candy department.
    Jonny Borrell of Razorlight would have to write the songs as he in his own words is ” the best song writer that ever lived. Bob Dylan can co-write.
    Slash on lead guitar. That’s a no brainer. An obvious one but a no-brainer. Axl could be his guitar tech.
    Jonny Cash on the acoustic and harmonica.
    Larry Mullen on the sticks. Experience solid drummer. Could bring alot to the table.
    And to balance out the egos of the band so far I’ve went for a laid back front man…..
    Bruce Dickinson.
    Manager would be Max Clifford who could get a few reality tv spots to promote the band.
    Band name: The Iron Lorus-Playing a pub near you!!
    my email

  9. Snow Pony
    Snow Pony says:

    Vocals – David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
    Lead Guitar – Steve Morse (Deep Purple, SM Band)
    Bass – Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report)
    Keyboards – Rick Wakeman (Yes, Strawbs, David Bowie)
    Drums – Thomas Lang (StOrk)
    To put together a supergroup you have to have the best……..and to me, they are/were the best (except for Gary Lightbody with Snow Patrol and Tired Pony ♥

  10. Thor Guldager
    Thor Guldager says:

    I would cry myself to sleep every night – of joy – if this happened:

    Vocals – Glen Miller (Deep purple) because there ARE NO BETTER rock-vocals in the world (Lay down , stay down, 2nd verse – you’ll know what i’m talkin’boutaaaahhh)

    Guitars – Nuno from Extreme (the solos :s) and Dave grohl (cause he’s awesome – and good at supergroups!)

    Drums – David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power) – because it would be funky as fuck.

    Bass – I’m tempted to go with another TOP member, but i’m gonna have to say Flea – because of the nakedness – and the slapping.

    (and Jon Lord and “the beast” wouldn’t hurt, if keys are neccesary)

    – And then La Roux on female vocals just to mess with everybody’s heads.


  11. Becky
    Becky says:

    Vocals- Danny O’Donoghue (The Script) and Tom Smith (Editors)
    Drums – Phil Collins
    Lead Guitar – Slash ( Guns and Roses)
    Rhythm Guitar – Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol)
    Bass -Gene Simmons
    Keys- Freddie Mercury

    Now, can I suggest the name? – Exact Estimate

  12. Michele Springer
    Michele Springer says:

    Of Earth:
    Vocals–Chris Robinson
    Backup Vocals–Sia, Rhianna and Kate Pierson
    Keyboards–Bruce Hornsby
    Rhythm Guitar–Robert Cray
    Lead Guitar–B.B. King
    Bass Guitar–Geddy Lee
    Drums: Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil)

    Not of Earth:
    Drums: Buddy Rich
    Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
    Rhythm Guitars: Johnny Cash and Jerry Garcia
    Vocals: John Lennon
    Background Vocals: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding
    Keyboards: Jelly Roll Morton
    Roadie: Kurt Cobain

  13. Kalin
    Kalin says:

    This is quite tough but I give t a try:

    Vocals – PJ Harvey
    Lead Guitar – Josh Homme
    Rhythm Guitar – Noel Gallagher
    Keys – Fiona Apple
    Drums – Meg White

    I know Fiona Apple kind of stands out but I really like her music

  14. Rob Banks
    Rob Banks says:

    I come up with a different answer for this every time it comes up.
    Here goes.

    Vocals/Songwriter: John Cale.
    Guitars: Robert Quine. Also want to say Neil Michael Haggerty. I’m probably the one dude who still wears a Royal Trux tee. And he can take over on vocals when Cale feels the need to break out the electric viola.
    Bass: Bootsy Collins. The man can bring the funk in his sleep.
    Drums: Let’s go legendary here and resurrect Elvin Jones.

    And since I am so all over the place anyway, the entire thing would be produced by Brian Eno and specialize in sea shanties. With Röyksopp on the remix.

  15. Tesspurdey
    Tesspurdey says:

    British Best Band(the BBB)

    Gary Lightbody (guitar/vocals)(SNOW PATROL/TIRED PONY)
    Guy Garvey (guitar/vocals) (ELBOW)
    Simon Neill (bass guitar/vocals) (Biffy Clyro)
    Phil Collins (Drums)
    Tom Smith (keyboards/vocals) (Editors)
    (and one non-Brit: Glen Hansard (guitar/vocals)(the Frames))

    The name of this band says it all!!!

  16. play the guitar like a mf riot
    play the guitar like a mf riot says:

    in a perfect world, where i get taxes from the state and where i wouldn’t need to go to paris to find a wife:

    guitar + vocals: beck + josh homme
    synths + bleepblonk stuff + vocals: jamie lidell
    bass: fat guy from fat freddy’s drop
    drums + cowbell: earl blaize from anti pop consortium vs. dave grohl

    support: pharrell teams up with devendra banhart = pharrendra banhell
    cover/flyer/poster art: stimpson j. cat from ren & stimpy
    manager: bill clinton from the hillaries
    bus driver: lemmy from motörhead
    roadie: amy winehouse from the amy winehouses
    merch sale: steve jobs from the apples
    press + twitter guy: joey gibbon from brian jonestown massacre


  17. play the guitar like a mf riot
    play the guitar like a mf riot says:

    in a perfect world, where i get taxes from the state and where i wouldn’t need to go to paris to find a wife:

    guitar + vocals: beck + josh homme
    synths + bleepblonk stuff + vocals: jamie lidell
    bass: fat guy from fat freddy’s drop
    drums + cowbell: earl blaize from anti pop consortium vs. dave grohl

    support: pharrell teams up with devendra banhart = pharrendra banhell
    cover/flyer/poster art: stimpson j. cat from ren & stimpy
    manager: bill clinton from the hillaries
    bus driver: lemmy from motörhead
    roadie: amy winehouse from the amy winehouses
    merch sale: steve jobs from the apples
    press + twitter guy: joey gibbon from brian jonestown massacre


  18. Marc
    Marc says:

    I actually have a few really good supergroup ideas for different genres of music. But I’ll go with one for now, and who knows, maybe I’ll feel like doing another after.

    Here is the classic british rock’n’roll line-up :

    Drums : Keith Moon (The Who). Not a very original choice, but simply one of the best drummers in the world. Always knows when to go apeshit on the skins and when NOT to do it, a very rare thing among drummers. And we always need at least one hellraiser in every band.

    Bass/Vocals : Paul McCartney (The Beatles). Again, very obvious choice, but he is one of the most creative and original bassists you could find, as well as a fantastic singer, and… well… the greatest songwriter who ever lived.

    Rhythm Guitar/Vocals : Noel Gallagher (Oasis). He can write in 10 minutes the greatest chord progression and melody that you could never write in 10 years. Noel’s guitar sound is great, his voice is amazing and he’s simply a really really really cool guy. Not the same could be said of his brother, though…

    Lead Guitar : Johnny Marr (The Smiths). I almost went for John Squire from The Stone Roses, but Marr is more versatile. In any song, any situation, he is the man who will find the perfect guitar part, and it’ll always sound unique. He can think outside the box and bring more innovative ideas.

    Keyboard/Piano : Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz/the 2975 other bands and projects he’s in). I think that Damon has proved himself more than worthy in the last few years, not only as an outstanding musician and songwriter, but also as an innovator. He will definitely bring a more experimental and audacious side to the group. And, as all the collaborations he does can prove it, he’s the ultimate team player, who can leave his ego at the door.

    Vocals/Any other instrument needed : David Bowie. One of the most talented musicians to have ever recorded popular music, Bowie is the man who can sing ANY way you want him to sing, play ANY instrument you want him to play, and he’ll do it like he sang with that voice or played that instrument for all his life. He also brings a much needed element of spectacle to the group, as the other guys (besides Moon) aren’t really known for their showmanship and charisma.

    So here it is. While Bowie would be the lead singer, Paul and Noel would definitely get a chance to sing a few songs each. It’s not like he wouldn’t know what to do when they’re singing, he could jump on another instrument, play percussion, simulate a blowjob on Johnny Marr, make out with audience members or anything else Bowie would do in this situation. That would surely be the best supergroup ever.

  19. Sebastian Tiley4
    Sebastian Tiley4 says:

    drums – Mick Woodmansey, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is possibly one of the greatest british albums ever made, and the drumming is immaculate, from start to finish. So mick woodmansey is my man behind the kit. He would be dedicated tot he music, yet he would also have time for a laugh with the others. I think he would be the most down to earth in the group, and I believe having a down to earth drummer is extremely important.

    guitar 1 – johnny greenwood, Largely because he is a genius with any instrument he gets within a 10 metre radius of. I feel he would really bring something different and slightly obscure to the group, and I think him and Mick would make a good team, as Mick isn’t hugely different from Phil Selway. I think he would be quite a serious and dedicated character in the studio, with a very peculiar and relatively unique sense of hum0ur, but I think he would get on well with the others in the band, and he would write some killer guitar parts.

    guitar 2/backing vocals – stephen malkmus, not a guitar god as such, but he in my opinion is an extremely interesting guitar player, and he revolutionised the 90s indie/grunge scene with his unexpected howls of feedback and his numerous dud notes. He has worked in the past with Johnny so I don’t think there would be any issues there. His vocal style is also very laconic and easy to listen to, so he would definitely be on backing vocals.
    He would be the most chilled out in the band, and have the goofiest sense of humour, so he would be a great addittion. He could also help out with penning a few songs, and lyrically he could be a real boost. He would be a blast to have on board in my opinion.

    cello – Arthur Russel , I wanted to have a keyboardist or something but then i thought next best thing – a cello, and who else but arthur russel. he could also help out on vocals from time to time as he has a hauntingly beautiful voice, vaguely reminiscent of Nick Drake at some points. He is on cello because he has done some very interesting things with a cello in the past, and his albums (too difficult to choose just one) are fascinating pieces of work. He would be an excellent song crafter, and I think a duo team of him and Noah could perhaps pen the groups 17th post prog drug album after the band went to live in the Sahara for several months. He would be a strange person to be around in the studio, but I think he would fit in OK.

    bass – kim gordon, now kim is nothing special but she would definitely keep a rock steady rhythm going, hopefully in a peculiar tuning, and as there is already quite a melange of stuff going on within the band, it would be necessary to have someone to hold it all together. Plus it is important to have a girl in the band. She would have quite a laconic outlook on everything and be fairly easy going, but she would have her moments when she is flung into a state of blind teenage angst (i.e. Youth Against Facism). Still she would be perfectly friendly int he studio I think and she would get on well with Stephen.

    Keys – Noah Lennox, Animal Collective are one of my favourite bands ever, and they have some simply fascinating sounds emitted from their speakers, and I would have to choose Noah because his solo albums under the moniker Panda bear are as brilliant as animal collective. His keyboard sounds are highly unique, so it would be him on keys. I feel he would be a good pairing with Arthur and Johnny, who are both relatively experimental. He would also be highly capable of writing the more experimental songs for the group, and in the studio I would believe him to be extremely strange and having a very odd sense of humour….

    vocals – Robert Smith, i feel his 80s yelp would be an extremely important and interesting addition to the band, and I think his voice (highly distinctive and also very british) would be the icing on the cake to my supergroup. He is also an extremely skilled song writer, and he may get a bit moody in the studio but I think he would be able to pull through

    I chose these artists as I think they would be and interesting bunch to have in the same room, I am not saying it would or wouldn’t work, but in my dreams, this would be how it went!

  20. Christoph
    Christoph says:

    Lead Guitar: Craig B (Aereogramme)
    Drums: Dave Lombardo (Slayer)
    Piano: Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)
    Synth & stuff: Nic Endo (Atari Teenage Riot)
    Vocals: Björk
    Backing Vocals: The Watson Twins

    Valid email:

  21. T_numbers
    T_numbers says:

    My supergroup would be named: Invisible Cities

    Their debut album would be called: Einstein’s Dreams

    And the line-up would be:

    Vocals & whatever other instrument they feel like: Bjork & Richard Ashcroft

    Guitar +misc instruments like keys, violas and glockenspiels: Jonny Greenwood & Tom Morello

    Bass: Squarepusher

    Drums: Questlove

    Produced by: Massive Attack

    My email is:

  22. VocalicPage
    VocalicPage says:

    I thought it would be interesting to try to put together an all-female supergroup, as I can’t think of a time when I’ve seen that happen. (We’ll just hope that this doesn’t, hypothetically, turn into Wilson Phillips.)

    I started with two women who performed together in another supergroup. KT Tunstall and Bic Runga were both involved in Neil Finn’s 7 Worlds Collide II. They did some really beautiful songwriting and harmonizing (“Black Silk Ribbon”) on that project, which I thought might be a good jumping-off point.

    Next, I decided to include a couple of instrumental “multi-taskers” who also happen to have beautiful singing voices–Lisa Hannigan and Sarah Martin (Belle & Sebastian). Both ladies play several different instruments, some of them quite unusual, which I thought might give the group a more definitive kind of sound.

    I chose Meg White on drums, for a couple of reasons. First, let’s face it, there aren’t very many female drummers to choose from. More importantly, her presence might keep the group from getting too folky and flowery.

    Looking over this line-up, I’m thinking this could just as easily be an a capella singing group as a rock band. But these ladies are all more than good singers. I’d be tempted to just throw them all in a room and let them work out who wanted to write which songs, or play which instruments, or sing which parts. There are so many different potential musical combinations here, I’m finding it hard to narrow down the choices. Really, with this kind of talent all in one place, why would you want to think narrowly?

  23. Veritas
    Veritas says:

    If I could put together a musical dream it would include the following people:

    – Bjorn Ulvaeus – Guitar
    – Benny Andersson – Keyboard
    – Agneta Faltskog – Vocals
    – Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad – Vocals

    Yeah, so what!? It had to be a fantasy supergroup line-up, so here you have a super trooper line-up. Suck it!

  24. Michael
    Michael says:

    I’ll explain as I go

    Vocals/Songwriting: Damon Albarn (Blur)
    Damon Albarn is one of the most energetic frontman I’ve seen, and he can sing that’s a plus. I’ve had him write the songs for his lyrics describing everyday life (“that WOO HOO song” not included). One thing a supergroup needs is for people to be able to still relate to them right?

    Guitar – Jack White (White Stripes) – Because he’s awesome at playing guitar without stupidly shredding the entire time. Sorry shredders.

    Bass – Paul McCartney (The Beatles) – Just for the bassline in When I’m Sixty-Four, this guy gets the job. I just think it’s awesome. He can totally do harmonies with Albarn too.

    Drums – Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) – I gotta be honest, I have no idea how drums work. I don’t even rate myself high on the “musical nerdiness” scale, I just like to sing and play guitar and write songs (which would all be more awesome on a Telecaster, btw) and I give them to the band to spice up. But the way Matt Helders plays in a song like A View from the Afternoon, he must be doing something right.


  25. SROPER
    SROPER says:

    Is it sad that I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about this before I came across this contest? Probably but no matter.

    An energetic and talented drummer drives the success of the music and that’s why I’d pick Ronnie Vanucci Jr. from the Killers. He played drums for Brandon Flowers on his solo album and has done drums for all the Killers albums, which shows the range he can cover on the skins.

    For a frontman, I’ve never seen a more energetic performer than Tyler Glenn of The Neon Trees, and I think his rough vocals would sound awesome paired with Emily Haines of Metric. Think of a more rockin’ version of Stars.

    Jimmy Eat World’s bassist Mitch Porter, combined with guitarists Joe Arnone (of Band of Horses) and Matt Watts (The Starting Line), would bring the strings in nicely.

    Bringing together all of these talents would be the coolest punk/pop/rock/indie/alt hybrid I can think of. If you want to pepper in some synth, I would call on Rob Bloomfield or James Rushent from Does It Offend You, Yeah?

    Boom. Let your ears yearn for something they’ll most likely never hear. also, my email is samantharoper.socialmedia AT gmail DOT com.

  26. Losim
    Losim says:

    Vocal – Erika Wennerstrom of The Heartless Bastards: while I hesitate to take guitar duty away from Erika who’s a legitimate talent on her instrument, her singing voice is truly the unique selling point. I find a lot of female lead singer-guitarists have very precious sounding or over-wrought vocal quality but Erika’s sound is strong and dynamic. She has a natural gift for blues that she’s adapted for indie rock. It’s measured and commanding and haunting at the same time.

    Lead Guitar – Jack White of The Dead Weather: This is a no brainer. Jack is a musical genius with serious skills on pretty much every key rock instrument. He excels as a lead guitarist. There is nothing comparable to seeing Jack in a live guitar solo except for … seeing maybe Clapton, Keef or Jimmy on a tear … you know … the greats. Jack just likes a little more blood on the strings.

    Rhythm Guitar – Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys: The way he plays is so effortless. He’s both a musician and a performer playing live — telling a story, infusing riffs with character but, at the same time, being noticeably and concretely locked into the sound. He and Patrick function as one flawless unit as the Keys because Dan’s sense of rhythm is as impeccable and DNA-deep as Patrick’s.

    Bass – Traa Daniels of P.O.D.: His bass lines are rock solid. He could also jam to anything. ANYTHING. Coming from a band that’s known for reggae inflected post-metal … his versatility would be necessary glue to hold a super group together. Traa also has the attitude for a super group.

    Drums – Dave Turncrantz of Russian Circles: while my first inclination is always Bonham for drums, Dave has proven himself to be an astounding virtuoso, alternating between a sick, hard, gorgeous classic sound and dramatic lengthy flares of ecstatic speed. He’s my favorite living rock drummer in the world.

  27. percentq
    percentq says:


    Damon Albarn splashes to shore from the Plastic Beach. Fresh off a successful launch and voyage, he heads to a club to relax. On entering he hears a familiar and soothing sound; Thom Yorke is on stage singing what seems to be an impromptu song about a trip to Germany. Albarn is awed and almost lulled by the sweet and soft range of sounds undulating from Yorke when he is shocked to attention by a rhythmic shift and pounding snare- the stage comes to life as Thom screams.

    Behind soundboards and under enormous headphones is the DJ Alicia Keys. She has been mixing sounds during the night since most of her recording time has been devoted to hollywood lately. The track she throws down is a drum line from Jack White and the Dead Weather. She added some of her own music on top to give the track a beautiful consistency that was completely unique. And as the sound reverberated in Albarn’s head he could not contain himself any longer- They could be a Supergroup.

    Thom Yorke has had the defining voice of our generation; so strong and so eclectic his voice is whats missing from the Oval Office. Jack White has more talent in his drumstick than an entire olympic team; he can create and crash through the chaos of music and produce harmony. Alicia Keys has a classic beauty, her prose and musicianship on the keyboard is unmatched in it’s expansive dynamic. And Damon Albarn is just the man to synthesize and tune the bass the the metronome of beating hearts from music lovers all over the world.

    With each member able to produce records solo, the band will have no trouble creating good sound. I feel what makes this group Super is that the sound they would produce would be un-paralleled. With so much talent and creative genius it would be nothing short of an epic. I have no doubt they would refine most music genres while adding a few new ones. For this reason Albarn needs to pair with Yorke because the two together know what it takes to make a classic. Jack white is essential to provide the most talented instrumentals and Alicia Keys to ice the soundboards.

  28. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Congrats! Since you came up with a sweet supergroup and a great explanation I picked you as one of 3 finalists from The Burning Ear to move on and be judged by Tired Pony and MOG! See the updated post for more details.

  29. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Congrats! Since you came up with a sweet supergroup and a great explanation I picked you as one of 3 finalists from The Burning Ear to move on and be judged by Tired Pony and MOG! See the updated post for more details.

  30. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Congrats! Since you came up with a sweet supergroup and a great explanation I picked you as one of 3 finalists from The Burning Ear to move on and be judged by Tired Pony and MOG! See the updated post for more details.

  31. Loren Lockhart
    Loren Lockhart says:

    My dream band would be as follows …… Vocals; Jon Anderson, Lead Guitar; Alvin Lee, Drums; Mark Lavon Helms, Rythem Guitar; Richie Havens ……….. sorta blend Folk rock, Blues, rock and island rythem ………….

  32. Flego_420
    Flego_420 says:

    Awesome dude, thanks for picking me even though I didn’t win. I love your site and your musical selections by the way, keep up the good work.

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