ARMS avoid the HEAT & when HOT jump in the WATER

blood on your face, you were born for the chase, wherever we go

♫ ARMS – Heat & Hot Water

Back when ARMS first grabbed my ear it was the side project of the guitarist for Brooklyn’s Harlem Shakes, Todd Goldstein. Now that those TBE faves have broken up, Todd has fleshed out his solo project and followed up 2008’s Kids Aflame LP with a free EP! As if that beautiful album art wasn’t enough, “Heat & Hot Water” immediately stands out with it’s vibrating bass, tinkling drums, and Todd’s fantastically tender vocal stylings. This guy’s voice is just great. The ARMS EP is overall mellower than Kids Aflame but still a good (and free!) starting point for new fans. “Shitty Little Disco” below will give you a taste of what ARMS can do when they get pumping. “Whirring” is also an essential track and along with “Kids Aflame” should help you decide if you want to go on living without ARMS.

♫ ARMS – Shitty Little Disco

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