Is it weird to think that a song about a girl can also be a song about the band singing the song about the girl? Don’t think too hard on that one, it was just my very real experience watching AVAN LAVA tear the roof off our showcase at SXSW. OOO EEE is about all I could think as they rocked matching white outfits, confetti cannons, and a room full of dancing fans. And then the horns!!

AVAN LAVA turning this place inside out with a live show out of this world. Note the tail end of the confetti in the air. #sxsw #live #dance #stagemasters

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During the weeklong music conference marathon, the lyric “Don’t stop it baby, work that body, keep it goin!” became an anthem of sorts. Now that I’m back home, it can take on other meanings… Happy Friday ;)