[EP] AWOLNATION may BURN your ears if IT is cranked the opposite of DOWN

if you’re feeling like i feel throw your fists through the ceiling, some people call it crazy i call it healing

♫ AWOLNATION – Burn It Down

WOOOO! Talk about a cheek blasting roller coaster! Awolnation absolutely blast this one out of the gate and barely take a breath! Grinding guitars, machine-gun percussion, and pumped up vocals make for the kind of sonic insanity that gets my blood pumping. As if I already wasn’t hooked on these guys after one listen to “Burn It Down” the story just gets better. First of all, the rest of the Back From Earth EP is solid stuff. The 4 tracks showcase a surprisingly impressive mix of vibes and talent that show that this Los Angeles based crew/dude is definitely cooking with gas. “Burn It Down” does just that. “Guilty Filthy Soul” puts some blues and funk through an electro-soul treatment and then dusts heavily with hand claps. “Sail” is the lighter-in-the-air slow-burner that grinds and “ooohs” to great effect. “MF” closes it all with a bit of late 90s rap-rock that should offend the ears bit somehow totally fits in context. So there is the great EP but that isn’t all from Awolnation! These guys are going all in and getting into some crazy video stuff as well. Their website features all kinds of fun stuff like a shower-sung rendition of “Sail” and a fresh Cee-Lo referencing “MF” mini-video. But what really sets these guys apart are the not-one-but-two retro styled 3D movies that they have made faux documentaries and trailers for. Yeah, I know, read that sentence again, It’s a lot to take in (or just go actually take it in). I’m not really sure what it thing has to do with the music or the Awolnation’s master plan but I am stoked that they are super into the whole thing. Certainly gets me pumped. Time to play “Burn It Down” again! OH, and I almost forgot, they have an iPhone app too! Download it free here and I think you can listen to the whole EP and watch videos, etc. Crazy times.

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