MAXIMUM BALLOON strikes like a rump quaking and shoulder shaking TIGER

we’re so hung up, like tiny pictures

♫ Maximum Balloon – Tiger (Feat. Aku)

When I first heard this song over a month ago it was only a stream so I had no mp3 but already in that moment I grabbed the album art and sat it on my desktop as a reminder to not forget about tracking it down. Well, vacation over and detective work done, I present the first taste of Maximum Balloon, the side project of TV On The Radio’s resident white dude producer Dave Sitek. “Tiger” clocks in at barely 2 minutes but so far that’s just maximizing it’s repeatability and making me hungry for more! Gotta love that grinding synth, funk-tastic beat, and super guitar riffage! I don’t always vibe 100% with TVOTR but something tells me that this project will be right up my alley. Maximum Balloon’s full album with all of it’s guest vocalists came out yesterday and I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy (ahem!) so I can get a little self-fulfilling prophecy thing going on over here…

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