BLACK MILK offers his WELCOME and i GOTTA turn up this GO-to swagger jam

if you aint ready for it, what you in it for?

♫ Black Milk – Welcome (Gotta Go)

Detroit’s Back Milk is one of those names that I hear being tossed around the indie rap world but I’ve never really given him a listen but this jam is making me wonder if I have been missing some epic shit. Black Milk produces all his own jams so you know this guy has talent is he’s pulling off such effortless flow on both sides of the glass. “Welcome” is the first taste of a new album titled Album Of The Year which is ballsy to say the least. We’ll see about that title’s claim in September but for now I’m feelin’ the groove of this jam and letting it put a little swagger in my step as I amble back out into the summer heat.

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