THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS introduce TOM and TOM, two rock n roll GHOSTS

could’ve stood by you for days, I would forget the world for you

♫  The Hundred In The Hands – Tom Tom


After their first track as a band was one of the best jams of last year, The Hundred In The Hands went almost a full year before releasing another sound. I was initially underwhelmed by “Sleepwalking” but more recently “Ghosts” got me back back on board. Just yesterday I got my hands on the whole This Desert EP and now “Tom Tom” has clinched my excitement for their September full length. The percussion is out of this world and coupled with that sing-song keyboard line creates one of the grooviest jams I have heard in ages. While “Dressed In Dresden” was all riffing guitars and attacking drums, their newer stuff shows a much broader range that includes hazy and mellow moments while still keeping a few great beats around. Get in on this EP and then get pumped for September’s self-titled LP!!

♫  The Hundred in The Hands – Ghosts


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