[MP3] The Hundred in The Hands – “Keep It Low”

wait for me in times of trouble

♫ The Hundred in The Hands – Keep It Low

  • Who: Jason & Eleanore
  • What: Dark & Slippery, like Ghost Loft, Rhye, Haim
  • Where: NYC + Facebook
  • When: The “Keep It Low” single just came out and next LP Red Night is out June 24th.
  • Why: Even though their debit LP was kinda disappointing, The Hundred in the Hands had a solid EP before it and “Tom Tom” & “Dressed in Dresden” are two of my all time faves. So I give em a bit more slack. “Keep It Leans” a bit too dark and ambient for my groovability meter but it has grown on me. I’m looking forward to hearing what else they have cooked up.