CARIBOU could turn wintery ODESSA into a MELODY filled DAY of fun

tell me what i have to show for all of my tears

♫ Caribou – Odessa

Caribou is the solo moniker of Ontario, Canada’s Daniel Snaith who recently unleashed “Odessa” on the world as a taste of his forthcoming LP, Swim. The track can barely contain itself and it screeches and stomps through 5 pure minutes of dance-in-the-dark magic. Is that a triangle making that epic clanging noise? “Melody Day” (below) is from Caribou’s last album, “Andorra,” and while still a jam, is quite different from “Odessa.” Andorra is a bit too mellowed-out hippy-dippy for my tastes but if Odessa is an indicator or Caribou’s new direction then I am stoked. I wonder what long-time Caribou fans think of this new sound?

♫ Caribou – Melody Day

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