ALOHA use this MOONLESS night to go on a sonic MARCH

everyone’s eyes, they are ready for the light

♫ Aloha – Moonless March

Aloha have apparently been around for years and have a slew of albums under their belt but all that is news to me. All I know is that Stereogum featured “Moonless March” a while back and it’s frenetic energy, breakneck guitar work, and rollicking piano have me hooked. Not nearly as gloomy as the album cover suggests, this jam is more suited for a high speed car chase in a “alternative” cartoon. I can definitely imagine a crazed dude/dog/bank-robber speeding away from inept police as he careens his comically shaped car around animated street corners. The only other jam I have heard from these guys is less spastic, but no less appealing so I’m curious to see how the forthcoming Home Acres LP will sound.

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