SHE & HIM are IN THE business of laying SUN-infused gems on us

we all feel ashamed sometimes every day

♫ She & Him – In the Sun

Zooey Deschanel and M Ward’s first album as She & Him went criminally under-listened by me and the recent leak new track “In The Sun” is a delightful remind not to let that happen the second time around. Logic would dictate that general goodwill towards these two would have waned considering Zooey’s rising fame and recent marriage to Mr. Gibbard but somehow they remain completely endearing and legitimate. M. Ward’s talent has never been disputed but Zooey continues to impress with both her acting chops and singing skillz. “In The Sun” is the kind of song you want to sing out loud to and in the absence of a lover to sing to I recommend a dog. He/she is probably just as bummed as me that it’s so cold outside and could use a little sweet serenading.

♫ She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

For the uninitiated here is my favorite jam from She & Him’s first album, Volume One, and here is it’s fantastically irreverent video. The comfortingly titled Volume Two is out March 23rd.

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