BRAHMS move TOWARD greatness as they summon THAT GHOST of sweet jams yet to come

it’s true, he knew the ends would be alright

♫ Brahms – Toward The Ghost (Demo)

Ok, hold on, this gets complicated. Recently I covered “Moonless March” by Aloha, a band that has been putting out albums for a decade now but I just discovered. Well Aloha has dude in it named Cale Parks who handles percussion, piano, and vibraphone duties. Besides knowing what a vibraphone is, Cale has also put out two solo records. He recently got two other dudes together to be his “live band” but they ended up starting another band entirely and decided to name themselves after the German composer. Debuting merely 47 days ago, Brahms have already dropped two demos that have been way easier on the mind than their back-story. If Cale Parks manages not to multi-task himself to death then we have a lot of fresh jams to look forward to from these Brooklynites. Grab one more track over at RCRD•LBL and then do your best to forget everything you have just read as you get down with your bad self to this fantastic track.
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