MAGIC MAN is clearly not a DAUGHTER but still play great music

turn up the static now, weather’s getting hotter

♫ Magic Man – Daughter

Magic Man says it best on their MySpace:

Magic Man is a Boston-based duo that grew out of spare moments and idle hours during a summer spent volunteering on organic farms in the French countryside. Songs written and recorded in the land of wine and cheese were brought back home, where final adjustments, tweaks, and edits were made.

It’s an odd history for music with so many electronic elements and real moments of danceability, but in many ways it fits the album perfectly. Magic Man’s debut LP, Real Life Color, is filled with mostly relaxing grooves that sooth the ears and delicately soundtrack your activities without being too distracting. “Daughter,” however, lives up to it’s namesake and demands a bit more attention. It’s hard not to perk up as all those instruments bounce along in harmony and slightly fuzzed vocals wash right over the top. As if this jam wasn’t pleasing enough, Magic Man are currently giving away the whole 10-track album of Real Life Color away for FREE here. Sweetness.

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