FIRST RATE PEOPLE know the importance of a GIRLS’ NIGHT out

everybody that you look like should send you a letter to tell you they’re sorry they couldn’t change

♫ First Rate People – Girls’ Night

First Rate People are a unique group. Not only are they named after a very rare commodity, but they are fun and silly and so far pretty universally liked. How did they transcend the ever-present backlash against happiness? How about by laying dueling boy/girl vocals over a deceptively simple pop bounce that at 150 seconds is very (as my mom would say) ‘more-ish.’ “Girls’ Night” appears to come from a 7 track EP titled It’s Never Not Happening that I suspect may be the perfect cure to these winter blues that are bringing us all down. The only other song I’ve heard is a little dance gem named after the brilliant screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and that is just further proof that these Toronto natives are doing their city proud. Not to mention that the lyric above is one of the most romantic lines I’ve heard in a while.

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