DatA is a songwriter, Skywriter… bowler?


i’ve been searching so high that i burned my wings

DatA – Skywriter

DatA is a dude from Paris whose dreamy and glitched-out “Skywriter” has been rocking my socks for a few weeks now. It’s not the kind of hands-in-the-air party tune I like to drop on Fridays but it should do the trick to get you loose for a night out at the clubs/bar/disco/roller-derby or whatever it is kids are doing these days. Does anyone bowl anymore? This kind of feels like perfect bowling music. Groovy enough for good times but not so hyped up to distract your muscles. Not sure if they bowl in France, though. They just don’t seem that into lifting heavy things. I hope I didn’t just offend DatA. Or France. Damn.

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