♫ Do Make Say Think – Do

A 10 minute and 40 second song? Are you kidding me? That’s half an episode of The Simpsons! 8 viewings of this hilarious laughing baby clip! Few songs over 5 minutes can keep my interest, let alone double that and without lyrics! Well, leave it up to the Canadians to figure out a way. Toronto’s Do Make Say Think have been fiddling with experimental rock since 1995 and although I’ve heard their name thrown around I didn’t know their tunes. “Do” is the perfect sonic adventure for letting your mind wander. Let it soundtrack your thoughts as you get lost in the moods and movements. Their recent album, Other Truths, contains 3 other appropriately titled jams. “Make,” “Say,” and “Think” are just as sprawling but not nearly as infectious but at 4 tracks long the album is a super-bargain from eMusic or iTunes.

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  1. Edlyon678
    Edlyon678 says:

    “fiddling with experimental rock”, “3 other … jams”. This is the worst thing I have ever read. And I expect I'm the first to do so. And never use the word “moods”.

    Go fuck yourself.

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