Gil Mantera’s Dreamscape Discussed


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Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Waking Vision

If you know me then you know my undying love for Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, the super-duo from Youngstown, Ohio who have been rocking my world ever since I stumbled into one of their legendary live shows 3 years ago. Gil (keyboards/beats/vocals/hyper-sexual dancing) along with step-brother Ultimate Donny (guitar/over-emotive vocals) play a brand of in-your-face and up-your-ass dance-rock that can only be seen to be believed/understood/fathomed. They are by far my most recommended live band, however it was when I saw them last August that I began to worry about their long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s epic Bloodsongs. The awesome dancing and minimal clothing was still there but the new songs just didn’t bring the heat. The usual frenetic jumping seemed to be replaced by (gasp!) swaying! My suspicions were further confirmed with the December release of The Ballerina EP. The title track didn’t hold a candle to Bloodsongs standouts like “Alligator Missions” (below) or “Elmo’s Song.” Hopefully you have been listening to “Waking Vision” (above) from their new LP Dreamscape so now tell me what you think. (For even more new stuff check out the weirdo cyber-sutra video for “Dreamlovers” at the GMPD website.) How does this compare to Bloodsongs favorite “Alligator Missions?”

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Alligator Missions

Am I flipping my wig over nothing? Is this just GMPD “maturing”? Should bands like GMPD ever mature? If you are an ol’ school GMPD fan then I want to hear what you think of this new direction. If you are new to Gil & Co then listen to “Alligator Missions” (above) and watch the fantastic Elmo’s Wish video and then let me know which makes your tits tingle.

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