Ghostland Observatory: What GMPD Could Have Become


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Ghostland Observatory – Freeheart Lover

I hadn’t made the connection until I sat down to write this post but Ghostland Observatory really do remind me of what GMPD could have evolved into: Part Daft Punk, part Prince, part Queen. Freeheart Lover has the exact rock edge I am missing from GMPD’s now album. But enough lamenting, on with the music! Ghostland Observatory are from Austin, Texas and I definitely get a bit of social-misfit vibe from their photos. (I once lived with a dude that rocked the pigtail-braids and he was both socially and hygienically challenged) But fear not, you dont have to invite them in for dinner, just invite them into your heart. Oh, and let this track in too.

Ghostland Observatory – The Band Marches On

If you enjoy their company then pick up their latest, 2008’s Robotique Majestique.

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