EARL GREYHOUND could raise a GHOST AND THE event would surely have a WITNESS

i’m not meant to know when she comes to accept my attention

♫ Earl Greyhound – Ghost And The Witness

Suspicious Package is more than a funny name for an album by a band that sounds like it comes from a time when dudes wore pants even tighter than today… but I digress. Earl Greyhound are a pretty fresh looking Brooklyn “blues-rock” band whose “Ghost And The Witness” has been giving me more than my daily dose of guitar wizardry and epic drumming. The intro of whispered vocals and that weird reverb thing quickly gives way to a big sound and dead-raising wailing that stamps it’s soul/sole all up in your grill. If I ever return to Air Guitar competition then that late-song solo would be a top contender for round 1 (Get on it). Suspicious Package, the band’s second album, is out April 13th but is streaming in full here.

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  1. balloonOftheMind
    balloonOftheMind says:

    B, we are doing Earl Greyhounds' video for Shotgun. should come out mid to late april. so potent, it's gonna stunt your growth

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    OH SHIT! That's freshness! I had never heard of them until a week ago. I'm slipping on my Brooklyn psych/blues/rock pimpin. Definitely keep us updated on the video!

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