TOKYO POLICE CLUB infect my ears with typical BREAKNECK SPEED

it’s good to be back/bad, super fun at the movies, drunk and young

♫ Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Tokyo Police Club burst onto the scene in 2006 with the A Lesson In Crime EP. The seven song collection kicked the door open with “Cheer It On,” a jam that starts with the lyric “Operator, get me The President of The World/ This is an emergency” and goes on to name check themselves. Now that is how you start your career in rock music, people. A Lesson In Crime was such raw and powerful rock that a lot of people started a downer-parade over their admittedly less shredding but pretty damn great 2008 debut LP, Elephant Shell. I never like parades and to me, Tokyo Police Club have rarely slowed or released anything that I don’t still get an ear-boner listening to now. This is prime time rock n’ roll and from Canada no less. Eat it 48! Anyway, now that I have got that out of my system, it’s time to talk about how excited I am for Tokyo Police Club’s second LP, Champ, which comes out June 1 on Saddle Creek and features that beautiful new jam up top, “Breakneck Speed.” It;s got their characteristically sparse use of synths, rolling drums, and guitars, guitars, guitars! Catch up on some of my favorite TPC jams below! And see them live if they are anywhere near you! A great show!

♫ Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good / Elephant Shell, 2008

♫ Tokyo Police Club – Be Good / A Lesson In Crime EP, 2006

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